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Station Location :
Chelmsford, Essex - The Birthplace of Radio
45km North-East of London
Locator / WAB: JO01FS / TL60
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M0PZT.com - Amateur Radio | Chelmsford, Essex JO01FS

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QRV on 40m SSB

Thanks for stopping by - I'm a radio amateur based in Chelmsford, Essex UK.

Here you'll find details about my shack and aerials, plus my software efforts as well as some projects and technical stuff...  I also regularly update a blog page entitled  "Spurious Emissions".

In the Shack, the main radio is the FT-950 for HF+6m and there's an FT-857D for VHF/UHF and portable fun.  You'll find me most active on HF where I enjoy datamodes such as JT/PSK/RTTY.  I also operate CW, typically on the higher HF bands looking for that elusive "DX".

You may be interested in my logging program: PZTLog, or want to know a bit more about the new logging application for Android tablets: tabLog - these are free downloads here.

On Twitter?  You can follow me here @M0PZT

Recently Updated Content and Pages
tabLog v1.1 Android logging app now with a Log View screen and several minor bug-fixes relating to saving a QSO and dealing with lower/uppercase fields.

Spurious Emissions blog - Floodgates ... Pointless Special Calls ... I'm Yelling Timber ... Android Portable ... Wet String ... Bikes and Tablets ... Support Forum ... GB1JSS Report ... 40m Inverted-V

PZTLog v1.21.125 - Callsign lookups improved, QRZ.com XML lookup added
A FREE logging and PSK/RTTY solution for general QSOs and Contests...
Used every day in my Shack, and hopefully yours, too

uLog v1.10 - A simple logging application that now includes a re-sizable window...

PZTLogPro early/sample help file now online

Fun Stuff updated with YingTong Radio plus episode 5 of the Ham Forecast and part 5 "Clubs" of Amateur Radio Explained

FT-857 Notes now includes MH-31 and Headset audio tests...

PZTips - updated with Tips for /P Success and other other tips/tricks and ideas

About Me

My interest in amateur radio started at an early age.  During my early teens, there was lots of SWL'ing on HF+2m along with learning CW.

Originally intending to take the RAE in 1994, it wasn't until 2001 that I got my "ticket" after passing what was then known as the C&G RAE and the Morse test to get the old Class A (now known as the Advanced/Full) licence...

I tend to operate PSK/RTTY a fair bit when I'm in the Shack which also doubles as the office - much easier to fire-off a few macros than to have a ragchew on SSB!  After about a decade of not using CW, I finally got myself a paddle and am happy to QSO at around 22wpm.

When the weather is good, I like to operate /P with the FT-857 and my tablet logging application, tabLog.  I typically use a 9m fishing pole to support Inverted-V dipoles for 40m, 20m and 15m.  I also have vertical dipoles for the higher bands.

I QSL automatically via eQSL and via the Buro when requested or if a card is received.